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[DIR]clips_exercise/2017-04-12 23:03 - Different short examples done to familiarize with the Pattern functionalities.
[DIR]foosniff/2017-04-12 23:02 - NLTK test script.
[DIR]survey_correlative/2017-04-12 23:02 - Plotting the word 'correlative'.
[   ]R Graph on pedigree.r2017-04-14 07:04 3.4KResearching a potato's pedigree, with R.
[   ]gnuplot_sphere_ellipse.gp2017-04-14 07:05 5.1K 
[TXT]lsd.py2017-04-14 07:05 2.7KLatent Semantic Detournement, A python script that, when you input a search term, takes over your browser for a semantic-search-based tour of websites in the last obscure pages of search engines.. Just like tv-zapping, but on the web. (Anna Battirodari and Mario Monti)
[TXT]permutations.py2017-04-14 07:04 2.0KAutomatic permutations of a phrase, performed by Pattern. (Martin Howse)
[TXT]rybn_python_OK.py2017-04-14 07:05 3.0KPipeline to apply the Sphinx voice recognition software to a soundstream. (RYBN)
[TXT]synonymfeedback.py2017-04-14 07:04 3.6KAutomatic permutations, moving between synonyms.
[TXT]testcq2.py2017-04-14 07:04 3.6KTrying to increasingly modify a sentence towards total positiveness, using Pattern.

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