The Average Potato Project (APP): Recreating the average potato.


Boiled Potato Project (BPP)  + Mashed Potato Project (MPP)

Data Potato

Files and folders in the server: share/datasets/app
        app.csv - average potato sample data
        app_area.csv - average potato sample data + potato area
        bpp.csv - boiled potato data
            all.gif - animated gif with photos of all the samples potatoes
            b.gif - potatos of category Nicola (b)
            d.gif - potatos of category Princess (d)
            f.gif - potatos of category Jazzy (f)
            edited.png + edited-transparent.png - group photo of all the sample potatos
            assets to make an HTML page for the Average Potato Project
            photos of the potatoes, to share 

potato datasets document the aspects of an average potato, of each category
average of an average
physical average of a set of potatoes

    - 3 different categories of potato
    - 10 potatoes of each category

    - potato weight
    - potato width
    - potato height
    - country of origin
    - category

average_areab= 255606.6
average_areaf= 231313.55
average_aread= 96342.5
average_perf= 1917.72699076
average_perb= 1990.34965184
average_perd= 1191.1916759