Different criteria to 'count'
1 person/criteria

* how many people yawn/minute
* noise that someone makes

2 politicians talking
words they're using most appear on image, when they use the same word, it highlights colors
-> interesection of words that they are using in common

* add colours in function of sentiment -> wordle of sentiment words, create intersections
* talking coach


start with their notes

1/ transcribe sentences / who writes where & what?
4 pads: 1 per person?
- query etherpad every minute, export .txt 

- intensity
- subjectivity
- polarity
- confidence
- reliability
-> take last sentence, counts score, adds everything to csv

3/ outputs
- scores of a sentence as schedule
- coloured words map
- correlation graphs over the time of the evening

4/ explain how it works, 'brutal' - questions it has raised