Peter Westenberg, Constant, words left out of the dictionary, parlezvoussaintgillois.

Hans Lammerant, legal researcher VUB, previous researcher in an NGO.

Martin Howse ... artist, programmer, earth and materials to software. Interested in language: writing a book Princess Diana --> attempt to represent the changes of in a laptop in one day
real worms to write poetry

Marc Kregting... editor of literary publishing house website ww...morgen, poet, study language one uses when drinking coffee. Books for people having difficulty reading dutch.

Natacha Roussel, artist and researcher, sensing data, phd sharing sensing data communities. Writing is an obscure tool.

Femke Snelting, artist, designer, would like to work on a pamphlet written in 1888: L'Afrique aux Noirs by Paul Otlet; to start to understand how his proposal for mapping knowledge semantically connects to colonial perspectives on the world he lived in, and to ours. (Thanks Roel :-))

Johnny McHugh policy, e-health and music. Language in wild language. Represent everything into a complicated algorithm babelfish tunnel.

Brendan Howell reluctant engineer, build machines to pay the bills, likes to make useless machines when he can. Looks for unexpected results, building editing machines to produce collective texts that expose the writers processes. Try to build an OS to use interbet

Michael Murtaugh member of Constant and PZI, working with Nicolas project active archives, investigate the tools that we use. As a programmer uses libraries but needs to understand black boxes of software. Critical perspective and get a handle of what is happening.

Ricardo Lafuente comes from graphic design. Power to create machines to desing tools. Libre graphics magazine. Open data movement in Portugal. Parse and extract parlementary data and catalog it for 4 years, related to tangeability of social life.

Ana Isabel, free software tools. Make work a bit more fun. Not revealing the truth, playing.

Juliane mathematics teacher, active in free software advocacy, interested in knowing the tools, we have to know how the web works. there was this paradigm shift - pull push information  What they are doing to us.

Gijs De Heij open source publishing, almost an asbl. Free and open source software. Critical use. More and more of a programmer and fascinated by lmachine learning. A font that understands that it is writing. A reporter that has an understanding of what it is reporting.

Manetta PZI, linguistics, tts recognition soft. ho it uses grammar and morphemes.
(ngram analysis excercise on Steve Jobs Keynote of the iPhone presentation (2007):
(personal speaking font:

Catherine Lenoble, author and cultural mediator, algolit, practice of writing fictional narrative, curiousity hybrid forms of writing (code and text)
Algorithm as a narrator, algorithm as a textual mediator, creolization. from correlation to  creolization
about linguistic, translation, algorithmic mediation & creolization (published in Le Monde Diplo january 2015) :

art student in Erg, photography. images produced by data. How to produce images, understand the world through these images. 
Also interested in computer vision, quantification, methaphors, theory of signs, image production/rendering/processing

Marika, RYBN, 15 years. Antidatamining, reverse the use of datamining tools mad by companies to profile people. Investigate in finance. Traders algorithms that are deficient. Talk on Thursday. Language experiments, trying to find mythologies and irrationality into the system.

Jack, RYBN, works on learning machines

Cristina a. designer PZI, open source, interest in language, emergence of narrative

Julie PZI, researches traces and faces, infrastructure of the web, interest in natural language, represents the world around us

Ruben van de Ven PZI film director, web programmer, intersection of film and web skills. Narratives and algorithms. How stories are mediated. quite open on the subject.

Silvio Lorusso, archiving digital exerimental publishingat , exploring Amazon, interested in quantification especially when quantities are zero (0 comments, 0 sells etc)

Valerio Nicoletti, ERG digital archiving practices, trying to do a taxonomy of arch. practices, archive as a place, model, Actions that can be made on archiving that become publishing tools.
research is ongoing and unfortunately still private, but you can check a primitive map here:

my calibre:

studied physics for three years, got many ideas to apply this weekd
need broader studies, so studied music as well - gve math and music courses
currently living with 17 people so the idea of collective is very important to us, they manage to organize event and brew beer!
currently living and studying at besançon, france - tries to create tools related to organisation & collaboration

Joseph, artist, interested in non-sense creating machine
1958, xxx (name?) dream about the machine, saw picture of atomium, was building till 1981 big machine

Maxigas, researcher, activist, radical system administrator
researcher science & technology dept
hates modernity, capitalism & neoliberalism
would like to reinvent computerscience, ideology/governance/how it modified history of 20th century
looks at how relationships of models changed science
completing pdh on peer-production, hacklabs, and how this relates to capitalism
based in Barcelona
correlations will solve everything (Chris Anderson)

Anita, textile design and philosophy, hacklab
bridging gap between technophobio & technofetishism
autonomous places in Amsterdam, approaches

ave Young <3, Edinburgh, artist and part time *l*i*b*r*a*r*i*a*n*
develops text editors for collaborative production of text
archiving 3D-world 'World' (used before Second life)
teaching teenagers to program, look at ethics of coding
interested in textual steganography, messages hidden in texts

Roel, Rotterdam, studied at PZi
computer networks, infrastrcut. levels, lo tech non universal solutions, creole technologies, works in collaborative settings.
develops Bibliotecha, sharing digitals books offline
Ip-address (see laptop) + Connect to his calibre server   <----

k . / RyBn
arrived late ! 
missed the formal presentation, but will have a presentation backup session on wed!