find battlezone, patenting-->what they want to privatise
[potato browser] 
visualize the genome->cartography of particular aereas (not necessarily because of their biological relevance, but for the external political, economical, legal interest in them)
agricolae package for R

issues to map
interactive map/digital->activism  (e.g. aseed)
symettrical process:
    company trying to reach quality by accessing genes<---->old tradition trying to improve quality by selection, concrete, material
    2 ways of theoretically improving quality of food. but is that so?
used to be poor people food, now producer trie sto elevate value. blue potatoes.micro potatoes.
(for  small indipendent producers it's not that esay to make  them....disagreement.anyway biological ones are even harder.2 long lines  rather than a's a field vegetable, not really a garden.with  the decrease of size of poor people's lands, small strips of land where  suitable for potato cultivation, can feed many people.actually, it could  be that enclosures where made possible by potatoes! else poor people  would die.But maybe there is a disprepancy of time.anyway makes sense  that to enclosures followed a broad spreading of potatoes)
    datas of potatoes marketed for other uses than consumption
    people and potatoe:

The Allotment Movement in England, 1793-1873
 Par Jeremy Burchardt

a chapter on allotment and potatoe

    nightmare,frankenstein  potato->the worst, most difficult to keep out of industrial processes, or that won't geriminate, or worst genes, worst taste
        patataphysique-pataphysique cqrrelations (to show with irony the paradoxes and problems of the model and have fun)
        potatoes and human genome
potatoes and women correlations

what the hell could be the correlation between female genitals and potato? (in italy you call it like that: patata, patatina)
-another story, myth, latin america-> women put potatoes in their vagina to avoid being raped
-family of belladonna-->which can kill or heal, "consolation". so initially people were scared of eating it.could be poison   

 black market links$FILE/00042110.pdf

The Black Market and Poor Quality Potatoes.
Some considerable quantity of poor quality
potatoes are bought by the retailers on the
black market. The growers who usually sell
on the black market are generally those who
produce the poor quality potatoes and want
to get rid of them before they break down.
They have no Board charges to meet and it
pays them to sell under the Board price. It
is said that most of the black marketeers
come from the metropolitan area and the
Harvey district. The Board files, which I
have read very carefully, bear this out. Just
as the receiver is worse than the thief, so is
the purchaser on the black market worse than
the seller. Purchasers on the black market
should, if discovered, be prosecuted relent-

potatoes without papers

detection of irregular potatoes   
In-line sorting of irregular potatoes by using automated computer-based machine vision system--->detect and exclude
-->   inclusion of irregular shapes

Anomaly detection

Potatoes must have good coloration, be uniform and regular in shape and be free from any defects to gain a reasonable share in the highly competitive markets. 
Among all criteria of sorting and qual- ity inspection, shape is one of the major concerns and causes com- plex problems for potato inspection because of the huge variation in product shape and irregularity. In addition, damage and cuts during harvesting and handling processes adds extra types of shapes (Ding and Gunasekaran, 1994). Shape is one of the most common object measurements for food quality evaluation during grading and classification in order to of- fer the consumer with homogeneous lots of products. [...] Because of the large diversity of potato shapes, it was difficult to summarize the shape categories of this product. This property is generally referred to as the profile or physical structure of objects geometry (Jain, 1989). There are various techniques for shape description that have been investigated for food quality evaluation such as chain code, polyg- onal approximation, moment, etc. Among these techniques, most applications are based on Fourier descriptors and invariant moments since they present invariance regarding the orientation, shape or size (Menesatti et al., 2008; Blasco et al., 2009b; Costa et al., 2009; Mebatsion et al., 2012). However, the estimation of the Fourier transform is very costly in terms of computational resources. To overcome this prob- lem, the fast Fourier transform 
(FFT) can be used instead. The overall objective of the current study is to develop a com- puter-vision system for automatic classification and grading of po- tato tubers in real-time based on the regularity of the shape while they are transported by an electronic sorter. This requires develop- ment of fast algorithms to analyze the shape of potatoes in order to implement it in a real-time grading system based on computer vision capable of detecting misshapen potatoes. The irregular 
pota- toes will be discarded and the good ones should be graded by size in order to separate them into different categories.,d.ZGU
   somehow potatoes are reduced to 2d images in order to be scanned by these automatic systems



criminal anthropology