Notes about the data packaging presentation (Ana Isabel Carvalho & Ricardo Lafuente)

csv includes no metadata - no authorship information, no licenses ... -> so how to keep track with data that comes from different sources?
tiny problems, add up to irritation and blocking in process

datasets shared in different formats & on different places/change the location
-> how to organise the information, so it is available for others to use
-> much time spent in scraping, cleaning the datasets... -> asks time/ressources to maintain - frictionless data vision (
-> they propose a stadard, 'data package' (
-> series of commandline tools to generate dataset easily (authors, license, coloms, fieldnames...) (
close to software packaging
cfr (Rufus Pollock)
ex Datapackage Viewer on
also library to import data package directly in R, Python

'Data Central': created site generator using python library with metadata of the packages
static html website, handy for local server use is rendered into the website
--> use this for Cqrrelations publication?! Yes! We can help with this!

Live PT Central de Dados:
Data Central repository: 
THackday repositories on GitHub:
more technical discussions

    data package manager:
    data package viewer:
Other links:
Github datasets repository: (curated by okfn)
R library for handling Data Packages: