French Translations of data (from Google Translate)

les données
data, input, datum, datum-point

les informations
data, news


file, plug, data, card, do, stick in

Selected English Definitions From Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd Edition

 1. a. A thing given or granted; something known or assumed as fact, and made the basis of reasoning or calculation; an assumption or premiss from which inferences are drawn.
1646: Hammond Wks. (1674) I. 248 (Stanf.) “From all this heap of data it would not follow that it was necessary.”
1691: T. H[ale] Acc. New Invent. 128 “Out of what Data arises the knowledge.”
1737: Fielding Hist. Register Ded., “All..will grant me this datum, that the said..person is a man of an ordinary capacity.”
1777: Priestley Matt. & Spir. (1782) I. xii. 146 “We have no data to go upon.”
1807: Hutton Course Math. II. 350 “The omission of a material datum in the calculation..namely, the weight of the charge of powder.”
1888: Bryce Amer. Commw. III. lxxvi. 9 “The historical and scientific data on which the solution..depends.”

 (ˈdeɪtəm)Pl. data (ˈdeɪtə).[L. datum given, that which is given, neut. pa. pple. of dare to give.]

 c. Philos. datum of consciousness, etc. (see quots.). Esp. datum of sense (cf. sense-datum).
1846: W. Hamilton Wks. T. Reid 749/2 “The primary data of consciousness be true.”
1856: A. C. Fraser Ess. Philos. iv. 212 “This notion of the Infinite is in fact an ultimate datum of consciousness.”
1887: A. Seth Hegelianism iv. 118 “That elementary statement must be originally made in virtue of..some immediate datum of experience.”
1890: W. James Princ. Psychol. II. xx. 252 “`Can a doubleness, so easily neutralized by our knowledge, ever be a datum of sensation at all?' such an anti-sensationalist might ask.”
1890: A. C. Fraser Locke 186 “Locke thus reduces the entire certain knowledge of sensible things that man is capable of to one's present data of sense, and one's memory of past data.”
1895: W. James Coll. Ess. & Rev. (1920) 392 “For our colleague Ladd,..the soul..furthermore performs a unifying act on the naturally separate data of sense.”
1902: Var. Relig. Exper. 427 “Mystical states merely add a supersensuous meaning to the ordinary outward data of consciousness.”

 d. pl. The quantities, characters, or symbols on which operations are performed by computers and other automatic equipment, and which may be stored or transmitted in the form of electrical signals, records on magnetic tape or punched cards, etc.
1946: Ann. Computation Lab. Harvard Univ. I. 11 “Two card feeds for supplying the machine with empirical or other data.”
1946: Math. Tables & Other Aids to Computation II. 97 “The [IBM card] reader scans standard punched cards..and causes data from them to be stored in relays located in the constant transmitter.”
1958: Gotlieb & Hume High-Speed Data Processing i. 6 “The machine as a whole can be considered to be a device which accepts data and instructions.., stores them.., operates on the data..and produces results by the output.”
1960: E. Delavenay Introd. Machine Transl. ii. 21 “A memory may be used to store data, or to store programme instructions.”
1964: AFIPS Conference Proc. XXVI. i. 219 “Data is transferred to main storage as soon as two bytes are accumulated.”
1967: Times Rev. Industry July 53/3 “Up to 50 types of data can be analysed with one pass through the machine.”
1969: P. B. Jordain Condensed Computer Encycl. 306 “Data are recorded on the tape by magnetizing narrow lengthwise stripes (called tracks) in alternating directions.”
1970: Sci. Jrnl. June 23/3 “During each orbit data from the experiment is transmitted from the satellite to Fairbanks in Alaska and from Oxford for initial processing.”
1970: A. Chandor et al. Dict. Computers 99 “Data is sometimes contrasted with information, which is said to result from the processing of data.”

 2. pl. Facts, esp. numerical facts, collected together for reference or information.
1899: W. W. F. Pullen (title) “Tables and data for the use of students in engineering laboratories.”
1913: (title) “Handbook of chemistry and physics; a ready-reference book of chemical and physical data.”
1923: C. G. Conradi Mech. Road Transport v. 51, “I have concluded this chapter with three tables, giving the requisite data pertaining to various solids, liquids and gases..which may be employed as fuels.”
1934: H. B. Dwight (title) “Tables of integrals and other mathematical data.”
1946: Nature 12 Oct. 519/1 “Hexavalent chromium compounds were selected for this study as accurate X-ray and magnetic data for these compounds are available.”
1958: Macduff & Curreri Vibration Control vii. 165 “Most of the data concerning shock and vibration on airplanes are classified.”
1971: Daily Tel. 28 June 17 “Desk research means collecting data from all published sources including government censuses, production figures, import and export statistics,..and trade publications.”