*CQ Rendering? 
is it all about re-presentation

from rendre (“to render, to make”)

to cause to become..
to interpret, give an interpretation or rendition of. 
to translate into another language
to pass down. render a verdict
to give up; to yield; to surrender. 
to transform (a model) into a display on the screen or other media. rendering images


muybridge chronophotography versus A bullet through an apple(1939)
objective and accurate claims 
try to fill skull with water (then measure volume) to measure internal cavity
ambiguity (false or true) and interpretation
realism, conceptual realism, material realism, quantitive realism
raw record, indexiality and semantic units (extraction)
--> how about the recording process? influence to the datas and their distribution, human sentors vs electronica sensors (human subjectivity versus object-oriented subjectivity)

"Raw data is Oxymoron", book edited by Lisa Gitelman, mit press 2013

modeling and translation, virtuality ( a way to represent reality and to manipulate it)
interface reel (data, index) -> euclidian space/ visual mind spaces (then aesthetics)
analysis and distortion