has set up a SOCKS proxy for cqrrelations to escape the firewall

in terminal:

ssh -p 443 -D 12345


2) Start Mozilla Firefox.
3) From the main menu click on: Tools >> Options (on Linux it is Edit>>Preferences)
4) Click on the “Advanced” icon
5) Click on the “Network” tab
6) Under the “Connection” heading and “Configure how Firefox connects to the Internet”, click “Settings”
7) In the “Connection Settings” dialog box that appears, click on the “Manual proxy configuration” radio button
8) In the “Socks Host” textbox, enter or 'localhost'
In the “Port” textbox, enter 12345
Make sure “SOCKS v5″ is selected
9) Click “OK” to close the “Connection Settings” dialog box.
10) Click “OK” to close the “Options” dialog box.

Will work similarly for iceweasel, thunderbird etc

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