Cqrrelations worksession

Cqrrelations was a work session lasting from 12 till 23 January 2015 in deBuren, inviting data travellers, writers, numbergeeks, programmers, artists, mathematicians, storytellers, and other tech creative souls to explore the world of digital non-relations, desnalysis, blurry categorisations and crummylations in the Big Data that shapes our daily reality and language.

The work session was a space for theories and practices, for experiments, discussions, prototypes... Human and non-human (in-)expertise facilitated the exploration the topic. Parts of the process are documented here: the projects, the blog, the notes, the pictures, the video and sound recordings. Some of the prototyping experiments lived on after the worksession, they're listed as 'afterlifes'.


Nicolas Malevé, Martino Morandi, An Mertens


Anne-Laure Buisson, Karin Ulmer


Wendy Van Wijnsberghe, Valery Vermeulen, Sungyoung Choi, Stamatia Portanova, Solon Barocas, Silvio Lorusso, Seda Gürses, Ruben van de Ven, Roel Roscam Abbing, Robert Oxhorn, Ricardo Lafuente, Quentin Lacroix, Peter Westenberg, Natacha Roussel, Michael Murtaugh, Maxigas, Martin Howse, Marika Dermineur, Marc Kregting, Manetta Berends, Léo Seyers, Kobe Matthys, Kim Wende, Kevin Bartoli, Kate Rich, Julie Boschat Thorez, Juliane de Moerloze, Joseph Knierzinger, Jonny McHugh, Jack Boyer, Hans Lammerant, Guy De Pauw, Guillaume Bernier, Gijs de Heij, Geoffrey Bowker, Freija Vandeboom, Femke Snelting, Donatella Portoghese, Didier Demorcy, Dennis Pohl, Dave Young, Cristina Cochior, Catherine Lenoble, Brendan Howell, Barbara Prada, Antoinette Rouvroy, Anita, Ana Carvalho, Alexandra Cárdenas, Anne Laure Buisson.

Organised by Constant with the support of deBuren.

Public events were organised in collaboration with deBuren, CPDP and Recyclart.